Seasonal Service 

To our regular service customers or to those who owns a pool installed by us we can open or close your pool for the season at the most affordable pricing. Click below for more details.

  New Pools & Pool Kits

Regular maintenance and inspections are the best way to ensure your pool's filtration system and other equipment runs correctly. It also cuts down on costly repairs.

Liner replacement

From accidental, acts of nature, or time itself, vinyl liner replacement is just a phone call away. Let our experienced service techs and sales team get the job done right at a cost you can afford.

It's safe to assume you'd rather be enjoying time in your pool than battling water chemisty or repairing that worn or faded liner "just one more year".  That's where Michiana Swimming Pool Company comes in.  Our Goshen and Dowagiac locations offer free water testing and honest, simple, inexpensive guidance, offering only what you need.  We also offer the most competitive pricing on in ground kits, pool installations, and in-ground  vinyl liner replacements in Michiana and beyond.  Just see our links below for common standard sizes and costs.

Whether you have a pool or are looking to have a new pool installed, you'll feel better knowing you have dedicated and experienced pool professionals for all your swimming pool needs.

New Liner Prices